Holiday Bundles

Curated gifts sets for the wellness enthusiasts in your life.

Cleanse. De-stress. Detox.

Feel your tension + worries float away with a luxurious herbal bath soak ritual.

nurture calm

Make the most of your time at home and start a meditation practice.

What our customers are saying

"A very special friend sent me this CBD bath soak to try out because I was having some muscle aches toward the end of the day. I absolutely loved it and I can't wait to order more. It was extremely relaxing, smelled amazing, and I slept like a baby all night long... pain free. If you are hesitating on purchasing this item, DON'T. It is worth every penny!" - Marie
"I cannot believe how incredible the energy is in your crystal grid packs! Oh my gosh, as soon as I started handling everything, it was like I was high on amazing energy. Thank you for sharing that." - Susan P.
"My first intention was used on two things which I felt were just too important for me to skip: an afforadable apartment in the neighborhood I wanted to live and a beautiful wedding dress. Two weeks into my intention and I got both. I'm not changing intentions until the apartment keys are handed over officially but I must say I'm excited for this grid and the positive energy these crystals bring!" - Katie
"Ahhh-mazing, heavy on the Ahhhhh... as in "I'm so relaxed!" I will be gifting this to all my friends for the holidays. I had this large knot of energy the size of a softball in my solar plexus and I was feeling low. As my time in the bath progressed, the knot slowly dissipated until after a bit, it was completely gone! I felt so light, grounded and relaxed! I highly recommend this product. I have also gifted them to some friends! - Christine