A Guide to Smoke Cleansing

Smoke from certain herbs and trees produces ions, which wash away free radicals, airborne pathogens and bad energies in general, from the air. The plant and it's smoke is used to set the energy for rituals or to simply keep the air clean, healthy and energetically vibrant in indoor spaces. You can view the practice as a sort of "spiritual hygiene" if you will!

Smoke cleansing is similar to smudging, but is the simple act of incorporating healing plants into your home cleansing rituals.

It’s important to note the difference between the practices in order to pay respect to cultural and spiritual rituals. When we use plant smoke for washing away energies and toxins in everyday life, the term Smoke Wash is much more appropriate.


White Sage is a medicinal plant with potent cleansing and antiseptic properties. Use it to create an opening for manifestation work prepare yourself and your space for new chapters. The practice of burning sage is sacred in many communities and deserves our respect. 'Smudging'  has it's roots with Indigenous people of North America, and refers to specific cultural practices within those communities. It's one of the oldest sacred methods of getting rid of unwanted spirits and cleansing a person or space. When Indigenous people gather white sage, they always leave the root and say a prayer of thanks for the harvest.

*Our White Sage is responsibly grown and harvested on family owned farms in Southern California.
Never cut at the root, these plants have been fruitful for generations.


Cedar is widely known to be a medicine of protection and renewal. The soothing smoke attracts good energies while driving out negative energies, making this a powerful tool to use when moving into a new home or space.


Palo Santo (“holy wood”) promotes healing on all levels and is great for use before meditation and personal ritual. The sacred plant is traditionally harvested and used by Amazonian tribes, and due to its popularity, the tree is over-harvested and at risk of extinction.

*Our Palo Santo has been ethically harvested in Ecuador, only when a branch falls or a tree naturally dies.​


Plants such as Lavender, Bay Leaves, Rosemarym Pine and Mugwort are excellent tools as smoke wash bundles. Just like white sage, cedar and palo Santo, each plant has its own meaning and medicinal uses.

A Simple Cleansing Ritual

This basic ritual calls in the elements to aid us: the candle representing fire, smoke represents air, the shell calls in water, and the ash represents earth. Here are some basic guidelines that we have used and recommend, but please listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you to perform it in a way that feels good to you.

  • Prepare a space, clean and clear of any unnecessary distractions to calm the mind.
  • Light a candle and take a moment to clearly set your intentions.
  • Light the tip of the smoke wand with the flame of the candle. Blow out the flames, so that just some embers are burning on the tip. Relight if it goes out too quickly.
  • In one hand, hold the smoke stick over an abalone shell at all times, carefully so embers don’t drop.
  • Slowly and mindfully wave the cleansing smoke into all corners of the room, object, or person you are smoke cleansing, holding on to your intention.
  • You may even choose to repeat an affirmation out loud or quietly in your mind during this time.
    "I cleanse this space of all that no longer serves. I only allow abundance, peace, joy and love into my space."
  • When finished, return to your starting point and reflect on your intention.
  • Carefully press the smoke stick into the abalone shell until the embers are extinguished.

Cleanse Your Aura