A Guide to Sacred Geometry

The Blueprints of the Universe

We use symbols called Sacred Geometry in combination with crystals to align specific energies with things that we desire.

They are called 'Sacred' because they contain the fundamental shapes that make up the mathematics of the universe - from a snail shell, to a crystal, to all the atoms in your body. Monks, mystics, artists and architects have studied and meditated with them and each symbol is known to having a unique high vibrational energetic signature. They are also called the blueprints of the Universe and the fingerprints of Source Energy because their energy is elemental to all that exists.

Crystal Grids are energy amplifiers. Work with them as tools to invite clarity, protection, abundance and love into your life, as they have been used for centuries.


The Flower of Life is the symbol of the Beginning of Creation. It may seem like just a beautiful drawing of circles made into a sunflower type shape, but by combining the centers of each sphere, you can draw all 5 platonic solids, the shapes that make up all of matter. Housing within it all these symbols of harmony and unity, it radiates the cosmic vibrations of life itself. In meditations we can align our vibration to the energies of gratitude, forgiveness and love for a deep connection with the highest form of our soul.


The Sri Yantra represents the creation and equilibrium of the Universe. The central point is a representation of the beginning of creation, the 4 upright triangles represent "Shiva" the male essence and are harmoniously balanced by the 5 remaining downward triangles that represent "Shakti" the feminine essence. The 43 smaller triangles, represent the "Cosmic Uterus", the Universe. This is considered one of the most powerful Symbols and has enclosed within it the meaning of coexistence, feminine and masculine, good and evil, black and white. It represents the unequal completeness of the universe.


The Dodecahedron is a high vibrational expression of life and consciousness. It is one of the 5 platonic solids – sacred shapes recognized by ancient mathematicians and wisdom keepers as the building blocks of our Universe. It specifically represents the higher elements of Ether and is linked to the higher Chakras of the Third Eye, Crown and above. When used in meditation, it can assist us in going beyond the vibrations of the body and connect to the higher vibration of our soul.

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