Throat Chakra Healing

Authentic Expression: 6 Tips to Healing the Throat Chakra

All seven chakras contain a unique energetic frequency, and they each carry unique + specific wounds. Every time you work to unblock or heal a chakra you take a step towards creating your most radiant, balanced life. If you've already been working to heal and align the root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra, then you're ready to work on the next step: the throat chakra.

The Throat Chakra, known as Vishudda in Sanskrit, governs communication, inspiration, and self expression. This powerful energy center is located at the center of the larynx, but has a strong connection to both our verbal communication and body language. Represented by the color blue and the element of ether, the throat chakra supports our expansion of thought and the expression of our truest selves.

The way we use our language is a powerful tool for manifesting, but our language is most effective when we express it with intention and authenticity. This is why it's so important to work with the lower 4 chakras before attempting to open and align your throat chakra.

Vishudda - Fifth Chakra

  • COLOR: Blue
  • ELEMENT: Ether/Space
  • LOCATION: Base of the throat
  • GOVERNS: Communication, self-expression, creative inspiration
  • MANTRA: Ham
  • Sense: Hearing
  • "I Speak"

First, it may be helpful to know what sort of things you may experience when your Throat Chakra is blocked and out of balance vs. when it is balanced and open:


  • Difficulty expressing + describing emotions
  • Difficulty public speaking
  • Excessively shy or excessively loud
  • Judgemental + critical
  • Over-explaining, exaggerating, dishonesty
  • Creative blocks
  • Seeking validation from others
  • Negative words + actions, negative manifestation
  • Poor listening + communication skills
  • Interrupting and inability to be present when listening to others
  • Physical issues with thyroid + hormones


  • Clear and thoughtful communication
  • Good listening skills, patient + present
  • Ability to speak freely + authentically without fear
  • High level of creative expression
  • Ability to set clear boundaries
  • Positive self-communication, manifestation
  • Acceptance of others and of self
  • Sincere + truthful

    6 Ways to Heal the Throat Chakra

    1. Forgiveness

    Practicing forgiveness may not even feel possible until we unpack the wounds of the lower chakras, which is why it's so important to work through them before attempting to open the throat. The wounds of security, guilt, shame and low-self esteem reside in those lower energy centers, and have often been placed there by our relationship with our parents and experiences as a child. Releasing shame by forgiving those who have hurt or silenced you is a huge step in opening the throat chakra. Journal or visualize yourself saying something you've always wanted to say to someone. Say out loud, or write in your journal: 

    "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."

    2. Blue Crystal Healing

    Gemstones help us to align with our intentions and positively interact with our bodies' energy field through vibration. You can use certain crystals to adjust your energy and align it to your goal. Some beautiful blue crystals that are powerful assistants in healing + activating the throat chakra include Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Kyanite. Place the stones on your neck area or on our Release Crystal Grid. Visualize a blue light healing and activating your throat chakra. You might even practice the mantra "ham" during this ritual for further throat chakra activation. 

    3. Practice being more present in your conversations

    Do you find yourself always trying to prove something, wanting to be heard, interrupting, or not fully listening to other's response during discussion? This could be caused by an imbalanced throat chakra. Opening this energy center has a lot to do with communicating with kindness. This doesn't mean hiding your true feelings, but about connecting deeper and being more compassionate with others as well as yourself. Speaking and acting from a place of kindness and sincerity will almost always lead to more meaningful and heartfelt conversation. 

    4. Think + speak healing thoughts and words.

    Our words are powerful manifestation tools, and intentional language is the key to manifesting our desires. If you constantly catch yourself speaking the words "I can't," "I haven't," "I am not," "I will never have,", those words now have the power to become your reality. As you work through this chakra and practice speaking healing words with intention, you will be able to use your intentional language to manifest effectively. When you notice this self-limiting language, don't be afraid to correct it. Leave post-its on your mirror of empowering words and affirmations to keep you present on your chakra healing journey.

    Intentional language is the ultimate tool to manifesting our desires. 

    5. Journaling

    Judgement-free self expression is a key player in healing the throat chakra. This could mean singing, speaking, or creating art that feels authentic to you and sharing it with the world. If that all seems too intimidating, an easy first step is to sit with your beloved journal and jot your thoughts and emotions freely. Here are some prompts to help you get started:

    • What is something you've always wanted to say to someone but haven't had the courage or found the words to say?
    • Do you feel safe + heard when you speak your truth? What can you do to be more confident when speaking?
    • How do I feel when others interrupt or don't listen when I speak? 
    • Is my listening-to-speaking ratio balanced? 
    • What situations make me feel like I can't speak my truth?
    • Write about a time you felt heard and respected. How did that make you feel.

    6. Affirmations

    Affirmations or mantras are an especially powerful healing method for this chakra. Recite these words to maintain your alignment.

     “I am a patient listener. I open my heart to hear what others share with me."
    "I express myself with ease.”
    "My voice matters."
    "I speak my truth with love and sincerity."
    "I express my creativity, my emotions, my needs and my desires clearly."
    "I feel safe speaking my truth."
    "I practice clear, open and loving communication."
    "I am a powerful manifestor."
    "My words and my voice are powerful."

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