7 Simple Fall Rituals

7 Simple Fall Rituals

Happy Fall! The best season of all!
The Autumn Equinox on September 22nd occurs when the Sun crosses the equator, creating a time of equal night and day. It's a crazy magical time of transition and carries a theme of universal balance, yin + yang, and a celebration of both the dark + the light.
In the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the harvest and we enter into a season of shorter days and more rest (which is much needed after a hectic summer!). The Southern Hemisphere welcomes spring and begins to embrace the longer days and shorter nights. It is also the start of Libra Season and the halfway point through the astrological year. Libra is an air sign represented by The Scales, and is all about balance, equality and fairness. There is a strong theme coming together now to remind us that light cannot exist without darkness, and it is only because we know the shadows that we can appreciate the light.
This is a powerful time for personal ceremony, especially as we continue to feel the effects of the Pisces Full Moon that occurred on the 20th. Here are 6 powerful rituals you can try during the Autumn Equinox or at any time during this season of change!

1. Create a fall-inspired altar

Decorate your altar or meditation space with branches, leaves, grains, pumpkins and flowers to celebrate the harvest and the abundance of the season. Add fall-colored candles, cozy blankets, and autumn scented essential oils like sweet orange, clove, cedarwood and cinnamon to your diffuser. You might add photographs of your passed loved ones and ancestors. Use our Clarity Crystal Grid and leave it on your altar for the season. Let your meditation space be a daily physical reminder of the intentions you set for the next half of the year.

2. Journal + reflect on the last six months

Both the Spring + Autumn Equinox are great times for reflection and re-evaluation as they mark the halfway points of the astrological year. Think about what you have achieved over the summer and what you intend to achieve over the next few months. 

Get your journal and pen and write down these prompts:

• What are some things I've accomplished and intentions that have manifested  since the Spring Equinox?
• What limitations do I need to break free from?

• What parts of my life need to be brought back into balance? 

3. Smoke cleanse yourself and your home

Using incense, Palo Santo, Cedar or other dried herbs, smoke wash yourself and your home to cleanse any negative or stagnant energy. Open your windows to let the fall fresh air in and pushing negative energy out. As you walk and fan the smoke, set the intention of purification and joy and repeat a little affirmation of that intention either quietly in your head or out loud. 

• "I cleanse this space of all that no longer serves."
• "I only allow abundance, peace, joy and love into my aura."

 4. Work with divination tools

It is said that during the fall season, the veil between the spiritual world and the earthly realm is thin, and therefore we experience increased intuition, coincidences, and more profound spiritual connections. This is a great time to tap into the world of divination with Tarot or Pendulums. Use these tools to receive deeper insight and guidance from your higher self and your spirit guides if that resonates!

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5. Make a new fall playlist

Autumn ushers in an unmistakeable energy of melancholy as we say goodbye to the sunny summer days and prepare for "hibernation." Make a new playlist that raises your vibe when you're feeling low, or a soft playlist to embrace the slowness of this season.

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6. Crystals for balance + peace

Work with crystals that support your intentions of purifying, finding balance, energy protection and peace. Some crystals that are perfect for the autumn equinox and throughout the season are:

• Selenite - to remind you of your inner light in times of darkness 
• Clear Quartz - for powerful energy clearing
• Labradorite - to remind you of your inner magic and intuitive abilities 
• Smoky Quartz - to clear negativity from the mind, the body and the space around us

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7. Bake something cozy

What's better than the smell of something spiced and warm filling your home? Celebrate the harvest by baking fresh bread or cozy desserts. Make it a special event and enjoy it with your loved ones!


What are some of your favorite fall rituals to ring in the new season?
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