FAQs & Policies

What is your shipping policy? 

Orders are typically shipped within 7 business days. We are currently ship anywhere in the US and Canada (including Guam and military bases). We do not ship internationally outside of Canada at this time. Shipping is applied at check out.

Shipping times may be delayed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you have questions about your order status, please contact us at hello@elementsofaura.com


What is your return policy?  

Returns are accepted within 30 days. Please contact us with any questions or concerns and we'll do our best to make sure you're happy with your purchase.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We take your privacy very seriously and do not sell your information to any 3rd parties. The information you give us is used to process + ship your order as well as to make your shopping experience enjoyable. We do have a mailing list if you want to stay in touch with us but you can remove yourself at any time. 

Where are your products made?

Our manufacturing happens in two locations. One is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The second is in Wilmington, Delaware where we partner with ServiceSource, a job placement agency for disabled youth and veterans.

Where do your materials come from?

We make sure that all of our materials are ethically sourced. Our abalone shells come from food processing plants in Mexico. They are the waste bi-product and we bring them in-house and clean them. Our Palo Santo comes from Ecuador. It is only harvested win a tree branch falls or the tree naturally dies. Our sage is grown by multi generational, family owned farms in Southern California. It is harvested only within an appropriate harvesting window and the roots are never harmed. Or crystals are sourced from all around the world and we work with a supplier right here in Philadelphia to make those connections. We trust and honor our relationship with all of our second and third tier crystal suppliers. 

Do you make custom kits?  

Yes! We love to make bespoke kits and designed specifically for our customers to offer what they need for their own beautiful Rituals. We offer this service for brands, boutiques, wedding party gifts, swag bags, and more. Please contact us to start designing!

Do you sell our products wholesale?  

We do! You can fill out an application HERE!