Rituals for Your Inner Green Witch

Rituals for Your Inner Green Witch

It's no secret - we ladies here at Elements of Aura are deeply inspired by the Earth + her seasonal rhythms. So much of what we do here is based in energy work, herbalism, the elements, cyclical living and creating with intention. In addition to this business we love so dearly, we are also avid gardeners and believe in bringing a little magic to just about everything. Working with the elements in our gardens helps us to see the literal magic of nature's beauty and our intentions unfold in front of us, and we love to find ways to honor the Earth that allows us to live an abundantly beautiful life.

What is a Green Witch?
The Green Witch embraces all of nature and calls upon it for guidance + connection. She lives in harmony with the land and all living beings by way of plants, flowers, stones, herbs and the elements. She is a steward of the Earth, a protector of life and a wise healer. We like to think that we are Green Witches at heart, and we're sharing a few ways for you to honor your inner Green Witch, too!



1. Dry Herbs + Preserve Harvests

Bringing the gifts of the earth from our gardens into our kitchens for healing remedies and nourishing meals is an important (and satisfying) part of tapping into the world of green magic! Whether you're hoping to build the plant medicine apothecary of your dreams or just trying get the most out of the food you've grown, a good place to start is to begin drying your herbs and preserving your vegetables. You can even experiment with drying a beautiful bouquet of flowers to enjoy throughout the winter!

2. Embrace the Change of Seasons

Connecting with the natural rhythms + the ever-changing seasonal shifts help us to be present in our environments and creates the foundation for powerful personal rituals. Using all 5 senses, notice what the energy of the seasons feels + looks like. Bring awareness to what is feels like in your mind, heart and body, or memories it brings to the surface. What part of the life cycle is this season associated with, and how is that being reflected in your own life? Reflect on these in your journal or during a meditation in your green space.

3. Herbal Ritual Baths

Just like crystals, herbs and flowers contain powerful energy that we can use to support our intentions and make our self-care ritual baths 10x more enchanting. Make a sachet of the herbs + flowers that call to you and align with your intention and toss it in your warm tub or under the faucet. Add epsom salts, essential oils and even some flower petals for a dreamier feel. Once you enter the water, close your eyes and imagine that all your worries are cleansed and purified from your aura. Take deep and slow breaths and feel the magic of knowing that you are your own healer.

Listen to our Music for Rituals for a goddess bath experience!

4. Live By the Moon

The Moon is helps us tune into our emotional body and aligns us with the cycle of life, death + rebirth. Because she is one of the few astronomical bodies we can see from Earth, we can easily connect with her and experience her influence at a stronger level. Native Americans traditionally used the moon to track time and the changing seasons. Tribes assigned names that were associated with the way the specific moon influenced their environment and + how it guided them in their daily lives. Honoring the moon's phases with ritual can bring balance into our lives and encourage us to move forth with intention.

5. Make Your Own Skincare, Teas + Medicine 

This may take an extra dose of effort and require a deeper dive into learning about safe herbal medicine practices as well as plants + their properties, but it is well worth it! If this is a path that interests you, you might consider an herbal course or program in your area or online! Experiment with infusing oils, making salves, creating herbal tea blends and preparing for cold + flu season with Fire Cider. Before you know it, your at home apothecary will be abundant with healing plant medicine! Just be sure to do your research on plant properties to insure they are safe for use internal and external use!

6. Gratitude

In the end, the most important rule of thumb for the green witch is to always express thanks to the earth for what you take. Treat the earth with respect and you will inspire others to do the same. Be present, don't be wasteful, protect the Earth, give her offerings and intentions and you will surely feel her magic. 


The Green Witch

by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Learn the way of the green witch, from how to use herbs, plants, and flowers to make potions and oils for everyday healing as well as how crystals, gems, stones, and intentional rituals can help you find balance within.

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