Living By The Moon: Lunar Phases & Their Meanings

Living By The Moon: Lunar Phases & Their Meanings

With her divine glow and cyclical nature, the Moon is a powerhouse in astrology. She helps us tune into our emotional body and aligns us with the cycle of life, death + rebirth. Because La Luna is one of the few astronomical bodies we can see from Earth, we can easily connect with her and experience her influence at a stronger level. If you experience a monthly menstrual cycle, you might find joy in knowing that our bodies are innately connected + affected by the moon's radiant energy... and that's super damn magical if you ask me!

The Moon actually goes through eight notable phases - although many choose to focus on the New Moon + Full Moon, because they represent the beginning and end of a cycle. To receive the full wisdom she has to offer, tuning into the other 6 phases is just as important! 
Tracking the Moon's phases and honoring them with ritual helps
to bring balance into our lives and move forth with intention.

Sometimes it's helpful to think of the Moon phases as if you were a gardener: planting seeds, tending to the plants, harvesting and reflecting on all the work you've put in. Keeping that analogy in mind, let's dive into the symbolic meanings of all 8 phases of the lunar cycle.


NEW MOON | Intention

Also known as the "Dark Moon", this is the time for introspection and reflecting on our hopes and goals. The Sun and Moon are aligned in the same zodiac sign, however the moon is between the earth and sun and cannot be seen on earth. The darkness represents a new beginning. Energy awakens within us, and just like gardeners do in late winter, now is when we can begin to draw up ideas + collect the seeds. It is prime time for manifestation work/vision quests through journaling, intention setting, and opening yourself up to receive. The Dark Moon says, "if you want it, say it!". Let yourself explore the possibility of new opportunities.

WAXING CRESCENT | Prepare + Plan

The Moon begins to illuminate again ever so slightly, giving us the green-light to follow through on the intentions we set during the New Moon. Early Spring is the energy of this Moon phase. This is when you can set actionable steps towards your desires and begin planting those seeds you've been collecting and organizing. 


During the "Half-Moon", we're picking up momentum and taking action towards our goals. The seeds we've planted are sprouting and sending rootsbut you might face some challenges. This phase is symbolic of mid Spring, where pests may show up to nibble on our hard work! This is a time that reminds us to stay committed to what we have set out to do, despite the hard decisions and difficult lessons we face. It's ideal to make an effort to stay balanced in any way that feels right to you during this phase.


We're really groovin' now! The Moon is mostly lit, but not yet full. While the previous phase tested us and our commitment to our goals, we are now reaping the rewards of sticking to it. This is the development stage, just like in early Summer when the seeds we planted are budding + getting ready to bloom. We're refining our skills + making tweaks because of the wisdom we have gained from our challenges. 

FULL MOON | Abundance + Harvest

The show-stopper! The energy is intense under this lunation. During this time, the Moon is on the other side of the earth directly opposite the sun, and the fully illuminated part of the Moon can be seen. This phase represents a completion of a cycle, fertility, and abundance. It is the summer-time of lunar phases: the seeds we planted are fully bloomed, and it is a time for celebration, harvest and enjoyment of your achievements. A Full Moon says, "look at how far you've come". The bright illumination shines light on even the darkest of places, allowing for some hidden emotions to come to the surface to be released. This is a potent time to do just that - release what you've learned has been holding you back. A ritual for releasing + reflecting can help to recharge your spirit after all the work you've put in.


As the Moon descents back to darkness, we can expect to feel more introspective and begin to go inwards. This phase is also known as "dissemination Moon", which can invoke a need for deeper communication and a slower pace. It's a beautiful time to be of service to others. The seeds we've planted have fully grown, and we are eager to share our abundant gifts with others. This illumination represents the season of early Fall, a time where we find thankfulness in all we have learned and continue to receive from our efforts. 

LAST QUARTER | Introspection

The Moon returns to its half + half illumination and decreasing in light, suggesting that we are reaching a neutral point. This is the late Autumn of the lunar cycle, where the leaves of our previously abundant harvest are withering and falling away. This phase asks us "What do you need next time? What can you do without?". It's time to cover up the garden, take one last look at it before winter arrives while holding gratitude for everything it provided for you, and head back inside to reflect & re-evaluate for the future. 


This phases represents the end of a cycle, and we approach the beginning of a new one. Only a small amount of light remains, and everything is coming full circle. This is when we can slow down to nurture our minds and restore our bodies... possibly through learning something new and self-care ritual. We surrender to the completion of a cycle and the wisdom we have gained - whether our intentions turned out how we expected or not. This is the Winter of the lunar cycle, calling us to rest and nourish ourselves to prepare for the new cycle ahead.


The Moon also passes in and out of a zodiac sign every few days, shifting the energy of each cycle. Each astrological sign is assigned to one of the 4 elements (water, fire, earth, air). Depending on which sign the Moon is in, we can focus on that specific elemental energy within our own lives. For example, when the Moon is in Gemini (air), we might feel the effects in how we communicate. When the Moon is in Pisces, matters of the heart and deep emotions might be more prevalent. The more you learn about the 12 zodiac signs and the traits they carry, you become more in tune with what the focus of each phase may be.

FIRE | Aries, Leo, Sagittarius 

Energy. Confidence. Creativity. Innovation. Action.

WATER | Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Intuition. Psychic abilities. Emotion. Dreams. Compassion.

AIR | Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

Intellect. Communication. Community. Knowledge. Logic.

EARTH | Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 

Stability. Physical. Foundation. Fertility. Nature. Wisdom. 


All in all, living by the Moon can help to keep track of your growth and staying connected to your inner self. Our Crystal Grids, Ritual Kits + Crystals are helpful tools for harnessing the energy of the Moon. 

Are you excited to use your newfound lunar knowledge for your next Moon ritual? The next Full Moon, also known as the "Pink Moon", appears on April 27th in the water sign of Scorpio. Head to our IG @elementsofaura to to see more of our astrology insight!


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