Beginner's Guide to Pendulums

Beginner's Guide to Pendulums

Let's talk Pendulums and how they 'talk' to us!

Do you remember as a child how fun it was to shake the Magic Eight Balls and be given an answer? Well, Pendulums are a little like that.... but with more intention and connection. They are an easy divination tool for beginners and, good news: you don't need to be a psychic to use one! "Dowsing" or "divining" with pendulums is a powerful way to tap into your intuition + align with your Higher self for clarity, decision-making, and wisdom

Technically, a pendulum is just a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely back and forth. But they have been used as divination tools for many years - dating back to the 1600s. The concept behind the pendulum is that it has the ability to bring subconscious energy into conscious awareness. Some say pendulums channel messages from your Spirit Guides, and some say the swaying is due to the the nerves in your body send electromagnetic signals causing it to react according to your true self, channeling your subconscious thought + opinions on a matter. Either way, they are *powerful tools* for guiding your next steps + answering your questions. 

Keep reading to learn how to use pendulums in 4 easy steps!


It's always a good idea to cleanse your crystals and divination tools before using them, but especially with crystal pendulums. You will get the best results and clearest communication from your pendulum once it is cleansed and aligned with your energy. Natural stones and crystals store the energies they encounter over time, both positive and negative. In most cases the energy stored in your pendulum can be beneficial, but if there's a build up of negativity or stagnancy in the stone, it may interfere with its effectiveness and seem erratic. Some options for cleansing include: smoke washing, sound vibration, moon bathing and/or just visualizing cleansing white light. 

In a quiet and comfortable space, set the mood with incense or candles and take deep breaths. Close your eyes until you feel calm, centered, and ready to ask your questions or connect with your Spirit Guides. 

*We don't recommend cleansing with salts or water because it can damage metals and some crystals, too! Always do your own research.


Before you begin asking your questions, it's important to decode what a "yes" or "no" answer may look like. To do this, hold the pendulum by the chain or bead with your fingers allowing it to hang freely, and ask the pendulum to show you the motion for "yes". It will start to swing either vertically, horizontally or circular (note clockwise or counter clockwise!). Then ask for it to show you "no". Make a note of it's behavior for yes and for no. If it hasn't been clear, remember you're both new to this! It may take a few tries to connect on a metaphysical level, so just re-ask each question until you have definite the motions for "yes" and "no", repeatably.

Along the way, test by asking easy questions, such as, “is my name___?”. All the questions you would like answered from this moment forward should be able to be answered in a "yes" or "no" format. 

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 3. ASK

When the pendulum has stopped swinging, center yourself and ask your burning questions as clearly as possible... either out loud or within your own mind. You can ask questions about life, romance, health, career, or money. The pendulum should begin to move in the “yes” or “no” direction you were previously shown. Try to remain open to the response, and not to ask the question again formulated differently to get the outcome you like. You'll likely discover that as soon as the pendulum tells you the answer, you will know it in your bones to be true!

Once you are done with your pendulum, express gratitude for its assistance and place it somewhere safe for next time.


Some enjoy using pendulums with a pendulum "board", which you can buy or easily make yourself. Just write “yes” on two opposing sides of a circle on a piece of paper, and “no” on the other two sides. You can also include the '“maybe” option. 

Pendulum use is highly popular in the world of Reiki healing. You can check on the health of your chakras by holding the pendulum over the chakra areas. It is helpful to ask the pendulum beforehand which direction means “stagnant” energy and what indicates “over reactive”, or something similar.

Many pair the use of pendulums with Tarot or Oracle cards. You can ask a question about card you are unsure about, or to detect which card will be the strongest influence.

Ultimately, working with pendulums can be a powerful way to tap into your higher self and find guidance. It is totally worth adding to your spiritual rituals!


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