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Elements of Aura

Self Love Spray

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Energy shifting aromatherapy for your body + hair + home + closet + car.

Nectar of the Goddess essential oil mist was designed to elevate your frequency + indulge all the senses.

Previously only found in our Love Ritual Kit, this spray was so requested, we made it it's own thing.

TO USE: Close your eyes, mist your aura and take a moment to inhale the juicy florals. You may see colors, your mouth may water, you may feel like smiling.. whatever you experience, you will definitely smell good.

• Rose’s iconic goddess energy uplifts moods + vibrations.
• Marjoram, Aphrodite’s personal scent, invites us to step into our own divinity.
• Juicy Geranium, boldly awakens our senses + encourages our fullest emotional expression.
• Decadent Patchouli connects us to the Goddess Gaia, who grounds us back earth.

All natural. Small batch.

Making self care easy, freeing and fun.

Our kits and sacred ritual tools were created to empower and awaken all the magic within you that has always been there, becauseyou are and have always been your own healer!