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Elements of Aura

Mini Sage Burn Bundle

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One mini White Sage stick. Perfect for small homes and apartments.

Sage has potent cleansing and antiseptic properties.  Use it to create an opening for manifestation work and prepare yourself & your space for new chapters.

The cleansing benefits of White Sage have been recorded for centuries. Containing a natural antiseptic, it was used in medicinal remedies across many cultures, throughout the Middle Ages. Burning the leaves to produce a purifying smoke was also a regular practice in homes across ancient Greece and Italy. As it commonly grows across North America, it is also a staple in Native American life and ceremonies even today.

We responsibly source our White Sage from family owned farms in California.
Due to natural variations, each bundle will vary.

Making self care easy, freeing and fun.

Our kits and sacred ritual tools were created to empower and awaken all the magic within you that has always been there, becauseyou are and have always been your own healer!