Rituals for Winter Solstice

Rituals for Winter Solstice

The word solstice means “sun standing still,” because the movement of the sun’s path comes to a stop before reversing direction. The Winter Solstice on December 21st is a reminder that from death comes new life, and that even from the darkest night, the dawn is born. It is the shortest, darkest day of the year, and it's the perfect time to look inward.

By acknowledging + reflecting on our shadows to bring them to light and releasing any wounds or bad habits, we make space for transformation in the upcoming new year. Many cultures recognize the Winter Solstice as a time to celebrate the gradual return of the light - a "rebirth" if you will - which makes this an incredibly powerful time to perform nurturing Rituals, set intentions, and enjoy the warm spirit of friends and family.

Here are 4 Rituals to warm your soul this
Winter Solstice

1. Create a winter altar with natural objects.

Honor the Earth's seasonal rhythms by creating a sacred altar with objects found in nature. Objects like pinecones, berries, boughs of evergreen or evergreen wreaths honor the continuity of life even during the darkest time of the year. Add luminance to your space with white candles to represent the return of the sun, and perform a smoke cleanse with cedar to protect your aura from negative energy and invite positive vibrations into your space.

2. Bring light to your shadows.

This Ritual may be performed best as a journaling exercise.

You may feel that your natural instincts are pulling you to go inward and savor the quietness of these darker days. Use this time to reflect on your self, including the parts you're not proud of. In order to bring it to light, ask yourself:

What can I release and leave in the dark?

Acknowledging your shadows by bringing them into the conscious realm helps to release the negative charge they create within us and stops them from manifesting into our reality.

3. Build a cozy meditation space to savor the sunrise.

Make your space "hygge" worthy by bringing in a comforting meditation pillow or cushion, warm blankets and candlelight. Lay out your crystals in front of you, make yourself a giant cup of herbal tea (maybe a pine tea if that's available to you!) and watch the sun rise or set on December 21st. As you inhale and exhale, know that our cycles and rhythms match those of Mother Earth. Feel gratitude for these cycles of life and for the lessons they bring.

Crystals for your winter solstice meditation:

  • Citrine: sun, warmth and abundance
  • Malachite: support through transformation
  • Chrysocolla: supports intuitive abilities and emotional healing

4. Send light + love to your loved ones.

Transmuting good energy and holding space for your loved ones for the upcoming new year is an incredibly healing act for all involved. Spend a couple of minutes thinking of someone, and imagine them cloaked in a warm white light. Hold the energy of positivity, love and encouragement. Send them love and wish them well on their paths. Spread the light illuminating within you, and feel that interconnected oneness radiating through you.

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And here's your reminder to take your Vitamin D this winter ;)
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