How To: Crystal Grid Manifesting

How To: Crystal Grid Manifesting

Sacred geometry is the fingerprint of Source Energy.

Monks, mystics and mathematicians have studied and meditated with these ancient symbols, and each of these symbols are known to have a unique high vibrational energetic signature. These geometric designs assist in deflecting, protecting or attracting energies, and in combination with crystals, they align these specific energies with things that we desire. It is a potent + powerful way to amplify the power of your crystals to help you manifest your dreams.


Phew. It's a lot right?! Don't get overwhelmed! One of the best parts about our Crystal Grids is that they work best when you don't over think it. Do your ritual, walk away, and let the Universe do it's work.


Each of our Manifestation Grid Kits have 4 types of stones you will be working with.


The Grid's connection point to Universal source energy.


Create a path for energy to flow between the focus + destination stones.

Represents the energy of your final goal or intention.

Charged with the energy of your intention + activates the grid.


Here's how to use your Crystal Manifestation Grids to attract your desires!


1. Create a sacred space.

Declutter your Ritual area and clear your mind of distractions. Set your Grid Mat on a flat surface where it can stay for a few days/weeks as it does its energetic work. You can begin with a Palo Santo smoke wash and a few minutes of quiet meditation. 

2. Set your intentions.

What are you wanting to manifest with this practice? Write it down on the intention card provided in your kit. Be clear, honest and specific. Place your written intention under the grid mat when you are finished. 

3. Place your FOCUS STONE in the center of the grid.

While keeping your intention at the forefront of your mind, place this stone in the center. This stone is the grid's connection point to Universal Source energy. 


4. Mindfully place the WAY STONES around the focus stone.


These stones are pathway for energy to flow between the focus and destination stones. I like to start in the East because that is where the sun rises and the direction the Earth spins, but you are welcome to use your own intuition to guide the pattern. There is no wrong way. You can use all or some of the stone included, however you feel called.


5. Continuing clockwise, arrange your DESTINATION stones.


Place them around the outermost edge of the Sacred Geometry to represent the energy of your final goal or intention.

6. Charge your ACTIVATION wand.

Pick up your Quartz wand in your dominant hand and hold it up to your third eye - the area between your eyebrows and up a smidge. Close your eyes and Focus on your intention. In your mind's eye, you may see a color or light. That is the energy or the power of your intention. Focus on that, and encourage it to expand and send its power to the wand. When you are ready, open your eyes. Now your wand is charged and ready to activate the grid.


7. Visualize the energy of your intention.

Now that your Activation stone (wand) carries the energy of your intention, visualize it flowing from you and through the wand as you reach down to touch the focus stone. You are sending your energy to the focus stone, activating the grid.


8. Begin to connect the energies of each crystal.

Trace a line from one crystal to the next with your wand. The way in which you do so is entirely intuitive. Do what feels good. When you've connected all the crystals, the energy is set and the Ritual is complete.

Know that the Universe has your back and everything will manifest when the time is right.

Earth energy cycles with the moon, so your grid will be most potent for up to one month. You may be drawn to sit with this charged grid, meditate with it, or just smile and say "thank you" each time your eyes land on it. Feel a deep sense of gratitude and trust.

The Universe loves you.

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