Spring Herbs | Spring Equinox Rituals: Part 1

Spring Herbs | Spring Equinox Rituals: Part 1

The first day of spring is a time where we celebrate the rebirth of the earth, as well as our own metaphorical rebirth.

Day and night come into balance again, and the maternal energy of Gaia/Earth is vibrant. It's a time for renewal, intention setting and transition. We begin to emerge from our dark winter cocoons to spread our wings. We feel the universal urge to cleanse our spaces and lighten up what we're putting inside our bodies. And after an especially dark + heavy winter, the need to shake off that stale 2020 energy is strong af and the power of this Spring Equinox feels like a giant exhale.

Last year at this time, just as new bulbs emerged, we were all ushered back indoors to quarantine... which was so freaking difficult on all of our bodies and minds. This time around, let's welcome Spring with a feeling of hope, resilience and celebration!

Us girls of EOA have been really drawn to using herbs in all sorts of ways to help us connect with Mama Earth recently, so we want to share some ways we use them in this 2 part blog series. We'll introduce you to our fav herbal teas, essential oils, tinctures and even herbal baths!.. becasue who doesn't want to bathe in flower magic??


1. Herbs in your Kitchen

Herbal healing not only benefits your body, but also has a way of nourishing our spirits and connecting us with our ancient inner knowingness. Whether you're foraging these herbs in your backyard or purchasing them from your favorite herb shop, you might enjoy having these essential spring herbs in your apothecary + kitchen this season.

If you're in the Philly area, you can find great organic herbs at Penn Herb and the new Transcending Roots Apothecary. 


Dandelion Root, Leaf + Flower

You know spring has arrived when you notice hills of dandelions everywhere you looks! Oftentimes the power of this flower is overlooked as a weed, but it is actually incredibly beneficial in folk medicine. The bitter little Dandelion is known to help detoxify the liver, relieve bloat, and soothe digestion issues and inflammation. If you've been feeling particularly sluggish, a dandelion root tea could be the remedy you're looking for.
*If foraging from your own yard, make sure it has not been sprayed with pesticides.


Stinging Nettles

Young spring Nettles are said to be potent herbal medicine, and they are one of the first wild herbs to pop up in the spring! They are packed with nutrients, improve energy levels, help soothe allergies + skin problems and generally support a healthy immune system. Don't be discouraged by their name! While the do sting, the tiny painful hairs will disappear when cooked, boiled or dried. Nettles can be used in many way (like a soup or in baked goods), but an easy way to discover the benefits is, of course, as an herbal tea. If you're foraging your own, don't forget your garden gloves!  


Rosemary has long been known to purify + protect on an energetic level, but research shows it is also beneficial for clearing brain fog, improving circulation, having providing antibacterial effects. Rosemary is already a go-to in our kitchens, but it can also be steeped as a tea, made into a tincture or burned for protection. Another one of our favorite ways to use this amazing fragrant herb is to add it into a pot of boiling water with lemon slices for a refreshing scent in your home!


2. Herbal Essential Oils

We sometimes forget that Essential Oils are actually made of oils derived from plants. That's why they're such a potent medicine! And they can be used in so many ways to deliver their sweet juju to our body + mind + spirit. The simplest way we've been incorporating recently is using them for aromatherapy, so here are some delicious Essential Oil Blends we've come up with that remind us Spring is on it's way!


Spring Diffuser Blend Ideas:

• Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Tea Tree + Geranium

Smells like a walk through the forest.
Emotional wellbeing, awakening, balancing

• Lavender, Rosemary + Lemon

Smells like you just cleaned your house. Good work.
Soothing, purifying, uplifting

• Bergamot, Neroli + Lemongrass 

Smells like sunshine on your face.
Refreshing, Calming, clarifying


Have you tried any of these spring herbs or diffuser blends?
Happy Spring Equinox, magical beings!
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