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The beauty of our planet is consistent no matter what time of year, but summer is vibrant + warm and in full bloom. Saying goodbye to this season can be a little bit difficult (excuse me buuuutt what do you mean it's too cold out for a BBQ?!). Staying connected to Mama Earth at the tail end of her summer glory and practicing gratitude despite her changes is sure to bring you back to your roots, teach you patience and gear up for a slower paced lifestyle. Before the cool density of autumn swoops in, we want to share a few Rituals to get your hands dirty, your heart grounded, and your spirit grateful.


1. Bask in the last days of hot sun + warm water

Commemorate the end of warmer days by taking a swim, kayaking, canoeing or just sticking your toes in. Head to a lake or beach, immerse yourself in the coolness of water and let it cleanse you physically and mentally. Someday soon, the water will be too cool for dipping. Take this time to practice appreciation for all the beautifully simple joys Earth provides and will continue to provide season to season. Know that she will continue to share her amazing beauty and gifts with us in different ways even as she changes, she just asks for our patience, an open mind and open heart... and we can learn a lot from that!

2. Plant your fall vegetables + herbs.

Get your hands into the dirt. Tend to your existing plants and plant new ones for the future. Feel the dense soil crumble between your fingers and know that you are one with it all. Find excitement and connection in the fact that what you sow now will come to fruition with time and care, and allow this to touch your heart with gratitude and patience by thinking of how wonderfully gratifying it will be to pick seasonal salad greens and root vegetables and cook up a soul warming dinner later in the season as the days get cooler.


Here are some great options to plant in September for your fall and winter garden:

Hardy salad greens like spinach, Swiss chard, kale, and collards

Root vegetables such as carrots, beets, turnips and green onions

Cruciferous crops like Brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower

Fragrant fall herbs to include rosemary, sage and thyme


3. Feel the benefits of being barefoot.

I don't know about you, but having socks and shoes on just isn't my jam in general no matter what time of year it is. But eventually, we will reach a time in the colder months where wearing shoes in no longer an option (sad face). Enjoy the dewy grass, soft rocks and warm soil below you as much as you can while you can! This practice of connecting our bare skin to the ground is commonly known as "earthing" or "grounding". Grounding synchronizes our energy by transferring Earth's supply of electrons to our bodies, and serves as an antioxidant!


A Grounding Ritual:

As your bare feet touch the ground and your hands cross your heart, imagine that there are roots growing from the soles of your feet to under the earth. Imagine that your roots intertwine with all of the trees, plants and even wildlife that surrounds you.


Speak this affirmation:

"I am intertwined with all living things.

I am one with Source energy.

I am both grounded in body and spirit.

I belong here."


In this Ritual where you are literally physically connecting with Earth, you can find such profound oneness and orientation. You can also practice this by meditating in lotus and visualizing your roots extending from your tailbone (Root Chakra), or during savasana while imagining roots extending from your entire body.


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