5 Simple and Affordable Beauty Tips for Winter (That You Probably Already Have at Home)

5 Simple and Affordable Beauty Tips for Winter (That You Probably Already Have at Home)

Winter Beauty

'Tis the season of dry skin, dehydrated hair and stiff muscles (yikes). We know winter can be a difficult transition for our bodies and minds, but it doesn't have to be. While you slow down and indulge in some much needed down time during these longer nights, give these natural beauty remedies a try! The best part: you probably already have these ingredients at home.

1. Relieve tired eyes with tea bags

This age-old home remedy is popular for a reason. The caffeine and anti-inflammatory antioxidants in black and green tea bags can help minimize puffy, swollen eyes and reduce dark circles. You can also experiment with herbal teas like chamomile, lavender and rooibis. 

  • Steep two bags of tea and squeeze out the excess liquid from the bags.
  • Allow bags to cool to a warm temperature, or chill them in the refrigerator for 10 to 20 minutes. Apply the tea bags to closed eyes for 15 to 30 minutes. 
  • Get comfy in your bed or in savasana pose on your yoga mat to relax as you're doing your treatment.

2. Rub pineapple on your face. Yes, really.

If you're walking through a store, chances are you'll see quite a few "Pineapple Enzyme" face masks and creams. But what if you could reap the benefits of a $10 face mask with just a small slice of fresh produce and feel like you just got a $50 facial? Pineapple contains a powerful enzyme called bromelain that gently breaks down dead skin skills, leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Not to mention, pineapple is packed with vitamins B and C, so you can stop spending money on all of those expensive skin brightening vitamin C serums now.

  • Take a small piece of pineapple and rub all over your face, taking care around the eye area.
  • Wait 5-10 minutes, then rise or gently wipe off with a wet washcloth.
  • Follow with your choice of moisturizer.

3. Quench the thirst of your curly strands with mayo.

We know it sounds weird, but don't knock it yet! Mayonnaise contains eggs, vegetable oils and vinegar - all ingredients that are sure to make your hair look luscious, shiny and frizz-free. Egg yolks contain amino acids, which help promote hair growth. The vinegar in mayo helps to balance the scalp's pH levels and oil production, while the vegetable oils and lemon juice gives you ultimate shine and strength. See ya never, dandruff, frizziness and breakage! This hair treatment typically works better with more textured hair types, so make sure not to use too much if you have a more oil-prone hair type. If you do end up using too much, break down any build up with an apple cider vinegar rinse.

  • Wet your hair.
  • Apply about a cup of mayo, starting at the scalp.
  • Massage the way you would shampoo, and bring it down to your ends the way you would with your conditioner. You can also comb through with a wide-tooth comb to ensure full coverage.
  • Put on a shower cap and wait 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse and shampoo as normal.

4. Hydrate and heal with Vitamin E. 

Do the winter-chill exposed parts of your body get all chapped this time of year? Sameeeee. Vitamin E oil to the rescue! You've probably seen this vitamin listed in the ingredients list of a ton of serums, moisturizers, eye creams, or you may already have this vitamin at home in your medicine cabinet. Vitamin E is easily absorbed into the skin, and it supports cellular restoration, helps to heal scars and damage and overall promotes skin health. 

*Vitamin E is not advised for sensitive skin.

  • Break open a capsule of vitamin E and rub the oil on your hands, cuticles, elbows and other dry areas.
  • Use one a day, preferably at night, to seal in moisture.
  • You can also use topical creams and serums that contain diluted vitamin E.

5. Bathe in Epsom salts.

Epsom salt, also known as Magnesium Sulfate, has long been used to help relieve muscle aches and joint pain. In addition to relaxing your sore muscles, Epsom salts encourage your body to shed toxins that increase water retention (aka bloat) and reduce inflammation. It can be pretty drying though, so make sure you use a moisturizer after! 


We hope these natural beauty remedies bring you relaxation and amazing skin during these winter months! Sign up for our newsletter to get a head's up on more articles like these.


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