A Simple Daily Ritual

A Simple Daily Ritual

Daily Ritual

A ritual ceremony is a sacred practice - a moment in time and space, to connect and communicate with that which is more powerful that oneself. A ritual can be as simple or complex as suits your purpose.

Here are some basic guidelines that we have used and recommend, but please listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you to perform it in a way that feels good to you.

  • Prepare a space, clean and clear of any unnecessary distractions. Calm the mind.
  • Light the candle and take a moment to clearly set your intentions.
  • Light the tip of the smoke stick with the flame of the candle. Blow out the flames, so that just some embers are burning on the tip. Relight if it goes out too quickly.
  • In one hand, hold the smoke stick over an abalone shell at all times, carefully so embers don’t drop.
  • With the other hand or with a feather, slowly and mindfully wave the cleansing smoke into all corners of the room, object, or person you are smudging.
  • If smudging a room, begin in the East and walk clockwise.
  • When finished, return to your starting point and reflect on your intention.
  • Carefully press the smoke stick into the abalone shell until the embers are extinguished.

Smoke washing (also known as smudging) calls in the elements to a ritual to aid us: the candle is the fire, smoke represents air, the shell calls in water, and the ash stands for earth.


Crystals are often used to hold our intentions and act as a physical reminder to bring balance to our emotions. While holding your crystals, set your intentions for this practice.

Essential Oils can be applied to the body, or just a dab right under the nose.

Journaling is a great way to release pent up emotions or ideas that have been weighing on you before you start your practice.

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