Self love Bath

A Beautiful Bath Ritual for Self Love

Self Love Bath Ritual

As much as I'm all for a killer skin and hair routine, it is so important to invest in yourself from within.

The divine vessel that carries you around this planet desperately needs a TLC routine to be balanced in mind + body + spirit. But, if you're anything like me, you struggle to find the time. And there is no secret formula, no short cuts.. but a Love Ritual Bath is pretty damn close!

Self Love is what happens when you create meaningful rituals for yourself.

I started using the Love Ritual Kit in the bath and I found that each bath got more creative and more soul-filling. One time, I used fresh flowers; the next time I burned some cedar with my Palo Santo; the next time, I lit 15 candles and had an amazing meditation sesh! Each one was different and exciting!

Having a baseline of the Love Ritual Kit and finding creative ways to spice up my bath time, made this a perfect and addicting Self Love Ritual for me. And, while anytime is a good time for a beautiful bath Ritual like this, my favorite time is during the New Moon. Cosmic energy invites us to renew, replenish and to set intentions, making it the perfect time for your new favorite Ritual!


What You'll Need

  • Love Ritual Kit, which includes:
    Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline crystals
    Indulge essential oil blend 
    Palo Santo
    Candle and instruction cards
  • Epsom salt OR our new Major Chill Bath Soak
  • Bath tub + water


  • Rose Petals and other beautiful florals of your choice
  • Candles
  • Crystals
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