9 Ways to Use Your Crystals

9 Ways to Use Your Crystals

You've probably heard a bit about crystals by now. You probably even have a collection of gorgeous gems sitting on your dresser or windowsill, but aren't quite sure what to do beyond admiring them. Am I right?

No worries, we've got your back. Here's a list of ways to "use" your crystal babies in order to fully benefit from their potent powers!

Crystal Usage

First - wtf are 'Crystal Vibes'??

In order to use crystals to their full potential, let's first talk about the science behind it all.

In the late 1800’s, scientists Pierre and Jacques Curie discovered that Quartz crystal has a consistent and repeatable response to applied physical pressure. They called it the Piezoelectric Effect and humankind became witness to the vibrational power of crystal energy when the technology was applied to electronics, like watches, sonar devices and computer chips. In the same way that physical forces produce a response from crystals, when we apply powerful metaphysical forces - thoughts, intentions, prayers - onto crystals, they react by vibrating. And each stone is unique and vibrates in different ways depending on its history, it's chemistry, on the forces being applied and even on the intentions of the person behind them.

And, since EVERYTHING is made of energy that vibrates at different rates, when we align our energy with crystals' energies through meditation and rituals, we can manifest new levels of living - strength, love, forgiveness, abundance, transcendance. Here are some ways to do exactly that!


1. Bathe

We are big fans of Ritual Baths, especially during the New Moon when the renewing energy is especially powerful. Line up your crystals around your tub during a cleansing ritual, or lay them on your body while you relax. Crystal recommendation: Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz

2. Meditate

Meditation is practiced in order to relieve yourself of the constant activity of the mind and bring you to the present moment. If you're anything like me, fully relaxing and quieting my inner thoughts doesn't come very easy. Crystals are helpful tools in developing a deeper, more fulfilling meditation for many reasons. Do you know that we have small chakras in our palms? So cool right?! By holding your crystals and letting the energy flow to the energy centers in your palms, you can greatly intensify your practice and calm your thought processes. You may even feel some light pulsing or vibrations! Crystal recommendation: Amethyst, Labradorite


3. Grids

Crystal Grids are an arrangement of sacred geometry and gemstones to help amplify our intentions - such as protection, healing and manifesting. They are 'sacred' because they contain the fundamental shapes that make up the mathematics of

the Universe. You can work with them on energetic levels as tools for clarity, protection, abundance and love, as they have been for centuries. Creating a combination of powerful crystals to utilize in union provides a more potent energy to support and fuel our desires.

Crystal Recommendation: The combos are endless! 

4. Under Your Pillow

Crystals carry their own energy frequency - and when we have them close to us it directly affects our own energy frequency. Placing them under your pillow can help

with sleep ailments, or to assist you in dream

exploration/dream recall.

Crystal Recommendation: Amethyst, Moonstone, Selenite



5. Sound Bath

A pretty new wellness trend that's been picking up popularity over the last few years, crystal sound baths are a super soothing wellness experience. They usually take place in a candle lit room and participants are encouraged to wear comfy clothes and lay down, Savasana style, on yoga mats while a 'musician' plays crystal alchemy bowls - literal bowls formed of a type of crystal glass. The ridiculously soothing sounds reverberate and can be felt on a cellular level, calming the nerves and releasing anxiety. I was first introduced to these by my friend and colleague, Luna Maye (Best of Philly 2019). She's been doing 'the work' from Burning Man to Fishtown, and Daybreaker to private sound sessions. You can find her event calendar at www.lunamaye.com. And bring some of your own crystals with you to meditate with!!


6. Cleanse Your Aura

Sometimes life can get a bit overwhelming and leave your spirit and thoughts feeling a little... muddy. When my intuition tells me my energy field is in need of some purification, I will perform a cleansing Ritual often including a Smoke Wash, an essential oil blend and a meditation with potent + clarifying crystals.

Crystal Recommendation: Clear Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Selenite


7. Bra/Pocket

In the same way you can benefit from being close to your gems by placing them under your pillow, you can do the same by holding them on your person during the day. Sometimes I'll place a small Rose Quartz in my bra near my heart to increase self love, or Citrine in my pocket when I'm needing a little power boost.

Crystal Recommendation: Rose Quartz, Citrine, Malachite


8. Water

Adding crystals into your drinking water is a fun way to support your physical body as well as your energetic one. But we have to be careful - many minerals are not actually good for us to ingest (for example, Selenite dissolves in water and Malachite contains lead.. no bueno in drinking water!) But there are a number of ways to do this safely and the quartz family of stones are all pretty safe if cleaned well. And you can find lots of crystal drinking bottles, already made, from many retailers online!

Crystal Recommendation: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz


9. Plants

Do you know you can put gemstones in your garden to support your plant babies, too? I mean... we're all made of energy. Totally makes sense! Crystals can be helpful in providing protection and abundance. Place them in the bottom of your plant's pot or on top of the soil to help your plant live its best life!

Crystal Recommendation: Citrine, Tiger's Eye, Blue Lace Agate


Have you tried any of these crystal uses before?

Or do you have any new ones we haven't thought of yet? Let us know in the comments!

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