5 Self-Care Tools to Ease Anxiety

5 Self-Care Tools to Ease Anxiety

Dealing with anxious thoughts and feelings is no easy feat. As much as we wish we could, it's not something we can wish away or turn off whenever we feel like. Anxiety can make you feel defeated, trapped, and endlessly worried - all feelings that can be draining to the vitality of our body + spirit. At EOA, working through our own personal anxieties has led us to seek and discover all the tools and rituals that actually make us feel better. Because we believe in them so much, it became our mission to share them with you! We believe that engaging in small + simple acts of self-care can be a powerful step towards quieting those loud inner thoughts. Before you know it, those small acts turn into routines, and further evolve into daily rituals that help you stay grounded, calm and safe.

Check out some of our favorite tools to soothe those tough anxious feelings.

1. Be Well Ritual Kit

Think of the Be Well Ritual Kit as an emotional and mental reset. Grounding Smoky Quartz + purifying Black Tourmaline crystals invite balance and protection around your energy field, while the Balance essential oil mist invokes a feeling of protection and peace. When you feel centered spiritually and emotionally, you can stay focused on the other areas of your health and well being.

Be Well Ritual Kit - $38

2. Release Crystal Grid

If you've been finding yourself feeling heavy, weighed down, or holding on to negative emotions, The Release Crystal Grid was made to help you let that sh*t go.  Crystal grids are a powerhouse combination of sacred geometry and crystals, amplifying the energy of whatever intention you have placed upon it. Write your intention on the manifest card, place it under the mat, create your grid with the crystals provided and let the universe do the rest.

Release Crystal Grid - $48

3. Mini Mindfulness Books

We are hugeeeee fans of these awesome little books! They are small yet packed with helpful + healing information in an easy to read "how-to" format. If you're already feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, you might not be in the mood to read a 300 page self-help book. With helpful topics like Gratitude & Self Love, Become Worry Free Right Now, and How to Feel Better, you are certain to find nuggets of wisdom to carry with you during those tough anxious moments.

How To Love Me Mini Book - $6

4. Crystals

When we apply thoughts, intentions and desires onto crystals, they react by vibrating. Each stone holds different healing properties + vibrates in different ways depending on its history, it's chemistry, and on the intentions of the person carrying them. Much like crystal grids, you can use crystals to adjust your energy to align it to your "goal". For instance, in matters concerning anxiety, you may want to work with a crystal that brings energies of stability, calm and love. Our go to crystals for anxious minds are Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Lepidolite and Blue Lace Agate. You can carry them on your person when you're out and about, hold them in stressful moments, sleep with them under your pillow or just simply keep them in your altar space to remind you to center yourself. Click the links to learn more!!

5. Grief Ritual Kit

Sometimes, we have to deal with way more than anxiety. Life without grief is unavoidable, but support along the path of healing is abundant. If you're feeling heavy, lost and broken-hearted, the Grief Ritual Kit is here to support you. The specially curated crystals, smoke wash + aromatherapy help soothe your worried mind, strengthen your sense of self + find persistence when your heart has been wounded. 10% of proceeds from this kit are donated to The JED Foundation, an organization that prevents suicide for teens + young adults.


What tools, self-care routines and rituals help you the most when you are experiencing anxiety? We want to know! 

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