We believe in the healing power of self-love through self-care.

Elements of Aura is a woman owned and operated, Philadelphia based brand, alchemizing today’s wellness needs with ancient ritual arts. After years of study and experiencing first-hand the profound, transformative effects of ritual practices, we felt compelled to share our nurtured knowledge broadly through consciously designed products so others could also benefit from creating these transformative experiences in their own homes.

Wellness rituals help us get centered and clear on what is truly important. They lead us to love and value ourselves, our health and our precious life. They have the power to completely transform us and how we show up in the world.

The Three Pillars of EOA


We make decisions based on our impact on the planet and each other. We focus on ethically sourcing our natural elements and we consciously design our packaging to either be reusable or compostable. We only promote products that we believe in.


We are committed to sharing our knowledge of life and the science of rituals to help transform lives and to deepen the collective understanding and connection to universal energy.​


We have a global network of collaborators and vendors whom we celebrate. We donate at least 3% of our profits to empower women and protect the waters in communities closest to our hearts.

Rituals are acts of gratitude, and gratitude can change your everyday life.

Our hope is that our products can soothe your soul during times of of great transformation, grief, overwhelm, low self-esteem and all of life's experiences. May you find as much peace, growth + self love in our simple and approachable daily rituals as we do!


With love,


Melaine Mas Founder & CEO⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀